Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Egg? On a burger? You fucking monster :warning:


We will often have pineapple and beetroot too :stuck_out_tongue:


Beetroot is good.




I’ll have you know I have a very balanced diet. 60% meat, 10% veg, 5% fruit, 25% alcohol.

I may have underestimated the alcohol bit :pensive:


Looks super, but the thought of trying to digest that much meat :scream:

Top work with the eggs tho’ :thumbsup:


Chilli Pickle Brighton

The beginning


I’d forgotten how good the Chilli Pickle was…

Mains: chicken something with 1 chilli on the menu and a lamb thing with 3 chilli’s on the menu…oh so tasty


Only been there once, but it was very, very good.


Last “home-cooked” meal in the UK before our holiday was a classic;
BBQ’d steak, egg, chips and asparagus.

Tomorrow we eat out before flying to Italy Tuesday morn.




Set ?


Our next-door-neighbours often bring food around in the evening during Ramadan.

Tonight was the forth of fifth time in the last couple of weeks. She’s a superb cook - it was delish!


Breakfast: half a wheatabix, served mushy




Nuclear war is coming…


Are you having a rice paddy?


Luckily he found a tray in the back,was just ready to have a dirty protest



The uncertainty following the election has prompted panic spicy rice buying.