Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Either that or the US government has taxed it out of existence in an attempt to fulfil the promise that “Mexicans are gonna pay for this goddam wall somehow !”.



Salade nicoise


That is what I should have ordered not what I’ve just scoffed.


shouldn’t that have some potatoes?


An optional extra in our house :roll_eyes:


Not according to the former mayor of nice Jacques medecin


Mine includes fine beans and baby spuds. Kerri’s has broad beans and NO spuds.


Mine would include a tasteful side dish

A bucket of chips, fried in beef dripping


I prefer the whole works, like this.


I am not a huge fan of tuna (unless raw) so I tend to substitute the tuna with ham hock, makes an equally delicious lunch salad.


Brisket cooked sous-vide then finished on BBQ.


Fathers day special:
Home made burger, with Lopwell pulled pork, smoky bacon, red Leicester and all the trimmings.


No picture but I had a nice Mexican bowl of tapas and generally spicy stuff.


Looooovely :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Good job you have your new bionic gnashers to deal with that in the appropriate fashion.



Top noshing sir !


Wouldn’t the Lopwell pork be just a bit ripe by now? :grinning:


Give me 6 hrs and I’ll tell you!


I’ve had a litre of chocolate milk and a pack of salted cashews for tea…


Nutrition of champions :muscle::+1:


Your a mentalist - a big ride (not you btw :grinning:) on top of the other two days - did you fly home solo today ? Hope there was also a well-earned beer or three as well :thumbsup: