Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


It was a westerly wind, which helped :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, the “Calmac and Cheese” with chips, and a Yumyum on the ferry.

That was 137 miles today and 204 over yesterday and today. Think I’ll not touch the bike for a few days :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing weather, although when I got lost in the (apparently 90km of) gravel trails at Whitelee windfarm and ran out of water I was slightly concerned I might end up with heatstroke! A couple of nice Siemens chaps I ran across gave me water and pointed me in the right direction which turned a disaster into an adventure :stuck_out_tongue:

Given me confidence I’ve got a good chance of managing my planned 170 mile in a day Edinburgh to Glenlivet in July

There was a good amount of beer and whisky over the weekend…didn’t want anymore tonight!


did you know


Journalists having fun with numbers again. Apparently 7% is nearly 10%.

They’re only out by 30% :smiley:


Your arse must feel like you’ve spent a week as “Big” Jimmys bitch in Barlinnie :grinning:


Yeah, but what would you deem acceptable?!


Oh, zero. But I like to poke fun at people who poke fun :stuck_out_tongue:


A gaggle


Indirect heat over a water bath on the Weber. Superb.



How long did that take to cook?


1kilo, around 1hr 45m.

45m resting.


fresh raspberries and twiglets *

NB * the spell checker keeps wanting to turn “twiglets” into “toilets”


In the garden with the Italian family. Terry gets to cook the BBQ’d meat which is an honour as they are quite poor. Veal, chicken, and homemade sausages for 20 people. No pressure then :roll_eyes:

It went down well. Much congrats :thumbsup:


Fuck sakes it’s gone to your head and you’ve started referring to yourself in the third person :grinning:



More deliciousness from next door - incredibly tasty :yum:

Shame Ramadan will be over soon - Eid is on Sunday or Monday. How come you don’t know exactly, I asked my neighbour. It depends on the waxing of the moon, came the reply. :thinking:


quite rightly


Bugger, one look at that and I must have.


You would love the pecoras cos they were just veg, but the samosas had lamb in them :thumbsup:


Not so dissimilar to how the date of Easter is set.