Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Chicken Banh Mi at a village birthday party in the neighbouring barn (geddit ?).

Oh, never mind :disappointed:


Today a bit of cooking in preparation for Narelle’s visit to some stately house for opera and picnic in the grounds. These were practice runs which I get to eat and critique :grin:

Egg and bacon pie…

Chicken, pork and courgette terrine…

and beautiful sirloin steak for lunch…


Pork and chorizo burgers, cheesy spicy chips with home made guacamole and salsa

Went down surprisingly easy. Still hungry :stuck_out_tongue:


Snickers ice cream :+1:


Burger with onion bhajee (onion loaf as they call it) and brisket. Fucking amazing.


Just shoved all this into my face with wasabi and soy. Not cheap, but very good (if you like raw fish).


Ha, is that cursory lettuce I see hiding underneath that burger :smile:

You’ll make yourself ill…


Green bacon.


Haha, I took out the tomato (I like tomato, just hate it in burgers)


Slate might rhyme with plate, but that doesn’t make it right.


Whoooop whoooop whoooop

Hipster alert!!!


Cheese on toast.

The first proper one I’ve had since just before Christmas, because it’s taken me that long to fix the thermocouple in our grill…

Bloody hell it’s nice…:heart_eyes:


We’ve got a proper sandwich toaster again and I can’t stop eating them.


I bought one as my youngest son is back for the summer from Uni, he eats one every fucking day.


I bought one a few months ago, they are a pleasingly retro treat


…til the old cheese builds up…:nauseated_face:


They solved that.


How - which one do you have?


The old style ones where cheese fat would get stuck down the back and over the mains cord did my head in. That’s why we’ve not had one for years.


We have that one, agree it is very good and addictive.