Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I prefer, good ole pan fried cheese sandwiches. Plenty of butter, on the bread.
The best crunch!


I just have the same cheese and ham one every day. At the moment I feel like Morgan Spurlock.


Yep, cheese and ham on repeat, easily done when its new.


Try some swiss cheese and salami with a few sundried tomatoes in it.


Try putting some chunky piccalilli (Morrisons own is good) in with the cheese and ham. Lush.

Beware of eating too soon, as the cheese/piccalilli mixture is as hot as magma straight out of the toaster.


I’m now more interested as there are waffle plates available


I ate so much at lunch I feel very sleepy and a bit sick


You are Elvis and I claim my£5 :laughing:


You’re joking, Gregg is one of those very annoying folk who could eat a gazillion grilled cheese sarnies every day, but still look like he needs to move around a lot in the shower to get wet…:smirk:


Yes Jim, I have met Greg, it was my poor attempt at humour…


Pork pie


A rare treat, fish, chips and mushy peas.




Livin’ the dream again.

Meanwhile @crimsondonkey is meeting up with my wife in an empty flat in the Midlands.

There’s something wrong about this set up, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.


Making carbonara, but so far i have eaten two potato scones, a babybell and a big chunk of parmesan


With @Cambs13 and @coco in the


The entrees look alright. They’ll need to up their game for the mains though…



Met with your lovely wife and have left you with something for when you get home. Thanks again.


Mains schmains, you philistine nobber. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re always welcome to critique then in person.


Cambs13 is out!! How did that happen?