Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


We only have one, once a month, with tomatoe soup.


That joint with the Devastator Burger has opened in Liverpool. My daughter chose to have lunch there today as part of a reward for academic achievements this year. I’m utterly stuffed to the gills. Barbecued stodge doesn’t agree with me currently. I would love a good curry though (in about a week and a half though :nauseated_face:)


Is that the same restaurant we when to after assembling your horns?

Looks super.


There’s something wrong about the proportions in that meal…

Why are they serving the dogbeater in a vase?

Are you really wearing green jeans?


I have the same sandwich toaster as @browellm and @gthang, all win :sunglasses:




Haha, I ordered one too. £25 from Amazon.


Had to check, it is a VST041.


The “vase” is my catch-all travelling plastic cup. Had it for about 15 years. I’m drinking whisky from it now.

Les pantaloons de Nimes look grey-ish to me, but my perception of colour is notoriously dodgy, so they could well be green.




near end



Jesus, mine came from Lidl and was £10.


The whole detachable heat plates thing is essential. They get so gruesome and the melted cheese gets everywhere on all others I’ve tried. With these you can wash them easily each time you use them.


FFS this is manfood, just stuff it in and wipe it with a cloth after.


We’ll have to start calling you Botulism Bob :smirk:


My toastie maker:





Jim said he was paying, and being a Scotch…


All of these bakeoffs are free food???


Bollocks, I just buy a cheap £10 from currys and then throw it away and buy a new one once it gets too manky.