Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Fuck all to eat because I’ve been stuck in with sick child and I’d booked online shop for tomorrow because we were supposed to be out all day…

Takeaway it is…but what??


Saturday - it’s pizza night surely?


I fancied Thai, but don’t know a good one these days. There used to be a fantastic one in Edinburgh…well, fantastic food but pretty unreliable service. One time it just didn’t turn up so we stopped ordering from them. I don’t think they’re still in business (I don’t mean we single handedly kept them afloat).

A friend I messaged for recommendations is trying a new Thai tonight, they’ll know if it’s any good before the kids are in bed and I get a chance to order :+1: …she recommended a pizza place as well so that’ll be the fall back option.


Pizza it is. Although the thai place was apparently great, i went to order and it turns out they don’t deliver to my fucking postcode


I had no problem gobbling all 15 meaty inches


Arrived on the Costa Blanca. The ladies fancied that well known Spanish delicacy - pizza :grin: with Sangria of course!

Flo had @coco 's fave - ham/pineapple


Have a great holiday!
Paella tomorrow?



Enjoy the hols!


I see nothing there to dislike. Enjoy Bruv :+1:


It’s good, but it’s not Hatfield…


We forgot the yorkshires, but otherwise excellent.


Have a good holiday mate.


Have a goodie.

Hope you remembered to pack your cape :smiley:


Don’t forget to remind us that you are on holiday in every post. We will completely forget otherwise.


Jim you on holiday?

I still got a Gin related thing here for you…


I hope you have packed a good supply of sandal socks Jim :nerd_face:


This is good advice :+1:


In the restaurant that @malbec recommended, Calaiaia. Had warm salad of prawn and squid to start, followed by braised veal cheek. Both delish!


It can’t be a very good restaurant. They serve food on plates :roll_eyes:


Amazing after dinner gin list… @ZiggyMarley