Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Are those prices per bottle? :flushed:


excellent list -


This place isn’t cheap John, but it’s rammed - every table is full!


Nice. Just avoid the Bulldog. It’s rubbish.


I’m glad you enjoyed it. I, too, had the braised veal :ok_hand: Granted, not cheap, but worth it. That gin list has expanded somewhat :+1: :grin:


the Nordes Galician gin is excellent - I know of a few gins from Andalucia - Fresha Strawberry Gin (which I can’t drink as I’m very allergic to Strawberries, there is also Larios, Rives, and Wint & Lila


Are you on holiday Jim?


“Cape” Verde I believe :slight_smile:


There’s some excellent walking, climbing and cycling inland from Moraira - but maybe not at this time of year


Will mashing anchovies in a granite mortar and pestle make it stink forevermore?


In a more traditional restaurant this evening. I love paella and this was probably the most delicious one I’ve ever had. Had rabbit in it rather than chicken.


Paella with rabbit is just wonderful.

Are you not in the UK then Jim?


Take a guess - this is the view through the window from my chair.


Ah, Redcar. Or is it Bridlington?


A bit over-exposed… the caravan park at Filey? :smiley:


Crooked billet roundabout?


Obviously several packets of the now legendary Uncle Ben’s garnished with some Iceland Seafood surprise :star_struck:. Living it up a bit aren’t you? That looks like the Little Chef outside Knutsford. Falsh Bastard!



North Wales?


From the old Renault Laguna “Come fly with me” advert, scenery like that goes with a sat nav showing the Hanningfield reservoir.


Looks more like Cleethorpes to me.