Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Club sandwich in a beach cafe. The chips are C shaped - they must have known an abattoirist was coming! :joy:


I just had a “German” club sandwich at the German Gymnasium next to Kings Cross station. Louise had two large German smoked sausages and Saucraute


After a week solely dedicated to updating an operational policy AND preparing contact monitoring review reports, finally got a bit of time to eat something proper…turned out ok.

It’s chicken in a sort-of-satay sauce.


Christ, you have to take global warming seriously when the sea reaches Ilford :open_mouth:


Turkish kofte for the sourdough pittas tomorrow evening


Brisket smoked in a Cobb over applewood.


making a beef ragu from shin of beef tonnage with tagliatelle later. It been cooking for 3 hours and needs about another hour.

making some tomato chilli sauce to have with squid and paste tomorrow


Had a nice lunch in Canterbury today



Lauren wasn’t so keen…

Main course was a nice crayfish, feta and olive salad


Made this with the kids, with homemade
houmous. Stuffed.


Sounds great. Just needs pork.


I read the other day that spicy mince is a common topping for houmous :+1:




Homemade beetroot, quinoa and chick pea burger






8 hour lamb shoulder, marinated with Greek yoghurt, oregano, chilli, lemon zest and garlic.
Gert lush !

Yesterday was Nigella’s Chicken Escalopes (dredged in mustard, cinnamon and egg. Coated in smoked pimenton and corn flakes).


Chicken salad with the lettuce, tomato, cucumber and radish from the garden.

Bloody lovely.




A gaggle


Are you having duck with your rice today then?