Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


That would be geese


:roll_eyes: you can skein off…


Cannot stop munching through the big bag of pistachios I made the mistake of bringing to work…


Just returned from lunch at the 5 Horseshoes in Maidensgrove.

10 minutes up the road. Beautiful views over the valley.
Lovely food;
Narelle’s: Rare Sirloin, dauphinoise and red cabbage.
Mine: Rare haunch of venison, red cabbage and seasonal greens.


In The Bull (Miller & Carter) I’m having rib eye with soft shell crab on the side. Pete’s having a brisket burger with extra bacon and jalapenos.


Looks like they’ve palmed you off with a boxing glove


Diets going well Jim :wink:


I love it in there.


Yep it was excellent. Pete was telling me about the meatfest you had last time :wink:


Hmm, we’ve got a Miller and Carter near us. I went when it first opened and wasn’t impressed. On the strength of that picture I’m tempted to give it another go…


yeah we got one near us as well, it was shite when we went when it first opened, but things look like they might have improved.


Where’s that? This is the one in Wheathampstead…


Brookmans Park, on the A1000

I hear they are opening a branch in St Albans this month… although there is no website yet


I think that’s where O’Neills is at the moment, just up the road from me.


I hate it when they feel the need to put chips in a cup or bucket or wire basket. Annoys the fuck out of me.


Yes it is, thank you. The chips in the pic were the first carbs I’ve eaten in over two weeks!

In fact my diet over the past couple of weeks has been more or less the same as the pic (without the chips) a piece of meat or fish with a big pile of salad.


Not so much eating now, but am off to 64 Degrees in Brighton this afternoon with No.1 daughter to celebrate her qualification as a nurse


both owned by the same parent company (so I am told) - yep both own by Mitchells and Butlers, alongside Harvester, and Toby Carvery - have been warned its over priced poor quality meat…


Asda Chipotle & Honey kiln roasted salmon. Feckin lovely :yum:


Sausage cassoulet

With hm bread …nuff said