Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Checked into hotel, went next door for a wild boar and venison burger…which was very nice, but served on a stupid narrow plank of wood.

The chakalaka sauce was good

Louise had Boboboti spring rolls


Just consumed 1.4kg of home cooked sausages and mash with onion gravy.
(weighed the plate before and after)


Always a favourite of mine :+1:

1.4kg is a tidy meal


It is, Im paying for it now though, sat on sofa unable to move. Ive felt less full after a massive Christmas dinner!


Hardly surprising!


Now that is proper nosh!


Heston brings Meat Fruit

It is delicious


Proper food that is. Nice pile of veg too.


And now we have some rare pigeon


Should’ve gone to @gthang 's

Proper plateful there :wink:


Far too many carbs for me…


Added the empty plate photo.

Only now (2 hours later) am I able to fully inflate my lungs.




Looks to be the food that’s rare on that plate.


pigeon, rare just how it should be


Finally got some pics that my daughter took on Friday. Restaurant is 64 Degrees, Brighton.


we ate there a few months ago. Nice food, but the website gives you no insight as to what you might get and what you might spend.


You are right. But the element of surprise is worth it


I don’t mind the surprise - in fact there are a number of restaurants where we have had the “chefs surprise” a menu where we didn’t know what we were getting.

Actually, I found out enough from TripAdvisor to be able to make up my mind.

It was a lovely place to eat though


He was also doing a one-off pop up in Seven Dials that same evening. We headed for that as well at 6 o/c :grinning: