Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Do they serve roast fox?


I don’t believe so. But if they had then I almost certainly wouldn’t have been able to afford it, given what the (admittedly very nice) pastries cost. It’s nice here, but one of the differences between Brexit and the election of Trump is that the latter hasn’t caused the victims’ country’s currency to become worthless.

The only thing that doesn’t make me wince is fuel for the car (unbranded regular unleaded is $2.15-$2.25 per US gallon). We drove two cars 150 miles to see this baseball game today http://www.espn.com/mlb/recap?gameId=370827105 (in which our team scored nine touchdowns in the second of nine halves and some people ran away home for a grand slam dunk, I think). And then we drove them back again and the total gas bill was around 11p. But a large (not that large) beer in the stadium cost $12. Yes. Really.



So, in essence, it’s not worth camping outside the stadium, but bring your own booze is a must.

I may be forced (unwillingly) to visit (near) Baltimore in the near future for the potential impending marriage of my SIL. :angry:

I’ll have take a couple of suitcases full of baked beans and whisky :+1:


Sadly baseball stadia now have serious security checks on entrance - bag searches, metal detectors etc. I think the people who own the food and drink concessions staff these. Whatever you do, Do Not Eat The Hot-Dogs !




I’ll hide the drink in a colostomy bag


What’s wrong with the hot dogs?


Have you seen ballpark hot-dogs ? We went in a group and one of our local guides* asked me at one point if I’d like a hot-dog. I declined. “Your digestive system will thank you later” was her reply.


*The lady on the right here, in fact


Very nice she is, too.

Never been to a ‘ballpark’ but I heed your warning :grin:


Baseball is a strange event. Certainly fixtures between the top teams seemed to involve 3 games held over the fri-sat-sun so the only one that has any tension is possibly the Sunday game if it’s a decider. But generally there’s no tension, just an opportunity to be sold and to consume a shitload of incredibly unhealthy junk food. Funnel cake ffs! I’m advised that the end of season play offs are more exciting but I have my doubts.


This is my experience. I travelled to the States frequently for 10 years or more and really got into Baseball. The play-offs and World Series can be incredibly exciting, especially if you are in a city which has a competing team. Nothing quite like the slow burn tension in a deciding game when a series has swung back and forth. I have seen New York Yankees and Mets and Also SF Giants live. Yankee Stadium when a big game is on would be fantastic!

The hot dogs are to be avoided really but when in Rome…



Just don’t be within 50 ft of anybody eating garlic chilli fries, truly disgusting.


I won tickets to a mets baseball game at a sports bar in new york, went to the game on a friday and it was dull as fuck. The experience was good and the stadium was amazing but the game was boring.

I did think the hot dogs were nice though (repeated on me for hours but so does most of the shite I eat)


Read that as haggis and crack pipe


Baseball has always struck me as being fantastically tedious, and I am quite happy to watch the entirety of a test match and to have it end in a draw…


I think if you can watch Test Cricket for hours, you would be able to get into Baseball with a little effort :grinning: There are similarities between the two and at the top level both games are incredibly skillful. While both games on the surface are pretty simple, dig a little and you will find complex strategy and rules.
Baseball’s rules favour the pitcher over the batter which leads to much tighter play than cricket, which generally favours the batsman over the bowler. This may lead the casual observer to think that it is boring as the ball isn’t being twatted to all parts, ALL the time. I really enjoy the attrition…
While I think that cricket is the finest game ever divised, baseball can be very satisfying.


Uncooked left oveover meat from a massive BBQ yesterday.
Be rude not to…


Those burgers look good.


They were!