Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Which end of a dog did that come out of?


You don’t know good cooking do you!


Where’s the rest of it ?


Think of the poor dog.


What, is it included ?

Jeez, I didn’t realise !


Cheeky fuckers


Kebab shop pizza


Our next door neighbours are celebrating Eid today. They just brought round this tray to share with us.

The lamb curry is killer! :heart_eyes:


Looks delish


Is that a barm cake bottom left?


I think so, some sort of bread roll anyway. I’ve not tried it because I’m avoiding carbs at the mo, Haven’t eaten a single morsel of bread for over a month!




Wife suggested takeaway earlier but has since decided she wants me to cook :frowning:


That makes two of us. Would murder for a slice of toast!


BBQ’d chicken with pasta and homemade pesto with home grown basil.

On the hob for tomorrow is 24 hour ragu, made with beef mince, pork, smoked bacon, chorizo, home-grow tomatoes and courgettes. To be serve with Bucatini.


Have finally got round to it and I’m trying slimming world now.

Lost 7llbs in the first week and can honestly say I’ve been stuffing my face every day.


Good luck :+1:


Bucatini has become my favourite foo pasta :+1:


I had some mackerel fillets for tea accompanied by some fried onions and fresh chillis mixed with baked beans…



How big will the blast radius be? Outer Circle?