Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


That doesn’t sound in the least bit pompous.



How many times have I been?

(Rhetorical question)


Just had a chicken jalfrezi from my local curry house. Not sure how authentic it was, but it tasted fucking great.


I’m glad


As well as a couple of nice meals I had some godawful food in India. Authentic?


Quite. I’ve had plenty of ‘authentic’ shite in India. The sort of stuff that would make a Billy Goat puke.


Did it give you Delhi belly? Not authentic unless it did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






I’m going to the shop right now


Cod loin smothered with mustards cooked on onions and cornichons , crème added after 20 mins with foil on bake.

And now gone but here it was


That looks great , we like fresh mackerel coated with mustard and simply grilled


Risotto Alla Torcellana

No meat :scream: but still yummy.


Do you eat it or put in under the roses?


It was proper nice Bob. I’m going to chuck some monkfish and chorizo into the leftovers tomorrow.


Took this pic of her at the Marquee in 91



Bullshit. The Marquee had dark floorboards. Is it the Roundhouse just after it’s refurbishment?


Defo the marquee,i had to sand the floor to get in as i was skint.


Was that the famous “Madarse Joblot headbutts Risotto - back stage” concert?

My memory isn’t what it used to be, but I’m fairly sure the NME report said butts and back something or other