Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Bin bag a l’orange?


Pete’s Chilli*

*well, an interpretation thereof :+1:


Some cracking chipotles from The Spicery


I reckon my chilli is so bastardized it is a stretch even calling it chilli

Deglazing the meat pan with beer, tequila and cointreau


Whoops. Tequila fireball. Kids enjoyed that one



Mine was nice, but Jim ordered the wrong burger.


Feckin’ hipsters. Chops in a mug, dinner on a baking tray…


To be fair, it’s pretty much 2/10 in the hipster stakes there.


Stop pigging out and fix the what are you listening to thread which has autolocked due to 10000 posts.


EDIT: Please :wink:


Since you asked nicely, I’ve created a new topic. I suspect it’s a hard limit due to DB or such.


New thread??? Pfffft, call yourself a mod? A proper mod would have deleted the forum in between demolishing his hipster mince and his deconstructed Bakewell tart served on a pitchfork.

Standards round here are fecking slipping. It’ll be pet food commercials and AATV next.


Is that @A_Touch_of_Cloth at Heathrow?



Not ginger enough :blush:


It’s not DB really; it’s because the full thread scroll means it has to load the index value for every post in the thread…


Step away from that reindex button…



My favourite jazz/blues combo


making Paneer tor tonight…
cooking 2 dinners for the freezer next week


where was that?


Tray bake of chicken, chorizo, butter beans, garlic and “home gown” tomatoes. An old favourite.