Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


Craft and Cleaver - as Pete mentioned, I fucked up by ordering a phantom burger…:frowning_face:


whoops sorry, I missed that. We weren’t overly impressed by them when we ate there, beer was good though


The “burger” I ordered, even though it was in the burger section of the menu, wasn’t a burger, it was a mixed pork sandwich. I thought the porky bits were a topping for the burger :unamused:

THB, Pete did say something about it not actually having a burger in it, but was so feckin noisy I didn’t hear him :tired_face:


Did the word ‘phantom’ not stir your curiosity?:grinning:


err, it wasn’t called that, I just made it up :+1:


Good name though :+1:


Nicely side stepped :+1:


I get plenty of practice


On the left Sag Paneer (misread the paneer recipe and didn’t buy enough milk so it is a bit light on paneer) and on the right lamb bhuna


It’s worth going just for the brisket starter, that was epic


Nothing overly flammable and/Or explosive tonight


Very nice and the spinach one worked very well with frozen spinach- very easy!


Sitting outside Bagel Factory in Hayes Galleria. A spot of lunch before a meeting inTooley St Costa.


Mucho carbo :nerd_face:


Isn’t that a little village in Dorset?


that branch used to do a very nice breakfast bagel


Now that my daughters are supervising my diet, I’m allowed some carbs - they say it’s unbalanced without them. Fewer fats now though :angry:


True but in reality carb intake needs to be flexed to match activity not seen as straight line proportion.


indeed as I found on holiday when I was very much more active.


Pork recipes.



Have a go at slimming world, have lost a stone in 4 weeks so far and am actually eating a fuck load more than I was before it.

The curry recipes are really good.