Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I was at my mates the other week and his lad was there. I’d not seen him for about a year and he used to be a proper big unit, 22+ stone easy.

He’s been on Slimming World and has lost 7st… and said the same as you, he’s never eaten so much. Mind you he’s completely off the beer, so that must have helped a lot.

He had brought his SW curry recipe booklet with him, I flicked through it and the recipes looked really decent.


Loooong lunch at The Nelson in Brightwell Baldwin (1 minute from home).

I ahd Welsh mussels, garlic, wine and cream. Followed by lamb rump with pureed parsnips, dauphinoise and mushroom sauce.
Narelle had mussels too but with pork loin, wrapped in bacon, dauphinoise and mange tout.

She followed with Pavlova and I had Bread & Butter pudding with custard.




An all-time favourite. If it had Spotted Dick, I would have to have both :grin:


Snigger obvs


Obvs :+1:


Leftover Lamb Jalfrezi.


When I was at secondary school a mate of mine and I were last in the dining hall one day. After we’d finished our spotted dick puds we talked one of the dinner ladies into giving us an entire left over container of it - 12 servings of the leaden variety that only schools seemed to be able to make. We ate the lot. Six portions each on top of the one we’d already had. We could barely walk. Happy days !

Mrs VB doesn’t like it so I very rarely see it here. She does a very creditable bread-and-butter pudding though.



Healthy and filling.
Yum yum


Not bad, apart from the rabbit poo. :wink:


Thats the best bit. Propper filling and tasty.


MrsKettle and friends did their own bakeoff competition. Am now unable to move…


Gotta love the lentils :thumbsup:


slow cooked short ribs - 4 hours ticking over in soy sauce, rice wine, beef stock, 5 spice, ginger, garlic, chilli… sticky rice, steamed 5 spice celeriac, steamed soy green cabbage


It must be ribs night. Here’s my TV dinner from earlier - ribs from the butcher’s at the end of the street. And lovely they were too.



Lunch at Bar+Block Kings Cross. The burger achieved adequacy :hamburger:


Another hipster joint sarf of the river…

Chilli, cheese fries and a beefy scotch egg.


I hope to fuck it tastes better than it looks mate :flushed

Or, did you throw up on the chips?


It was the perfect accompaniment to my n’th pint :crazy_face:


Did you out safely?