Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


I got chased out at gunpoint :angry:


High Tea in The Savoy.


What is it?


Is that course 2 of 9 then?


Summat like that - all too dainty though :grinning:


Can’t be any good, it has been served on a plate. All foodies require their meals to be served on an angle grinder disk these days.


Bloody hell Jim. You could have waved when we walked past :roll_eyes:


Couldn’t see you from the window of the Presidential Suite…

My firm is doing the PMing of refurbishment work in The Savoy at the moment, so I got a guided tour. The views from this suite are spectacular. It costs a cool £3.5k per night.


Uhh yeah, past tense


10oz Sirloin at Bar+Block followed by…

Churros with lemon sorbet, cream, and meringue :+1:


Two dried turds in a jam jar?


@AmDismal’s daughter has certainly cornered the market


Pork leg scratching


I hope you didn’t have a ‘riverside’ moment. If that really is the presidential suite then there will doubtless be a hi-res camera behind every mirror, gathering kompromat.



Coco’s Chrissy pressy…


Looks like veg eé bacon , I’ll pass


I know it’s wrong but my starter


After a week entertaining Strayans and more arriving Monday (well one actually), we decided to have something other than steak and/or burgers…
So it was locally sourced roast pork shoulder, with goose fat roasties, roasted carrots and string beans.


Quick Five Guys before Nick Cave…


Stupid amount of chips but I won. :roll_eyes: