Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?


just noticed that @Wayward looks like he’s been punched in the face and is nursing a nosebleed. @Kevin is laying down the law.


Any chips left,bloody starving.


Pete making as much sense as usual :joy:


that’s 5 guys - you buy a bucket and they give you a bag full and a bucket…


Kevin saying “go on pull my finger I had the chilli fries” and Ritchie getting ready as he’s downwind.


More likely. Kevin is no where near opinionated enough :smirk:


Beetroot and cauliflower risotto with walnuts and mascopone

The kids lapped it up and so did I




Feckin’ big plates you’ve got there !


or fucking small portions


Just small portions, the winkles are 6 and 9


Whoosh !


Purple haze, purple rain, purple food :thinking:


Purple piss or as my younger thought blood, screamed and sprayed :+1:


Just had apple crumble with apples from our tree. Poor crop this year but still enough to keep us in apple stuff for the next year.


Cooked a ham for dinners on Monday and Tuesday - made pea and ham soup with some of the stock, delicious with crusty sour dough from the local bakers and a salad.

The remaining stock will be frozen for future soups


Lunch in Miller & Carter in Bath today.
Very respectable brisket burger :hamburger:


Yeah, I like the ones my local one in Wheathampstead does. I might have mentioned them. :smiley:


Indeed, this was the motivation for taking Narelle and a Stayan visitor there.