Pork Fat Therapy/ What are you eating?



Last batch of butternut and summer squash roasted for soup, unfortunately family tried the last batch so have had an additional order for 12x portions and am currently working through my dads entire allotment crop of squashes

Half and scoop out seeds of butternut squash, drizzle with chilli oil, add garlic cloves, black pepper and chilli flakes and then roast for 60 mins at 175c with some red onions. Liquidise with some chicken stock and then add some cream.

Nice spicy kick to it but not quite on the same hiccup level as @Jim chili


WTF, are they targeting Metro’s readership. Weird advertorial for a broadsheet.


…surely you mean @coco ? :thinking:


You’re both interchangeable.


Basic bitches.


Calabrian Surf 'n Turf: Bucatini with N’duja and king prawns.


Who are you calling a bitch, pasty pegs!!?!


Hah, but I could tan or spray my legs - you’d still be a basic bitch :kissing:


I suppose I should be grateful - it makes a change from the :santa: pisstakes anyway…:smirk:



hmmm… on second thoughts:+1:



Minestra Di spaghetti e zucca

Kids enjoyed it


I used to love sugar sarnies when I was a kid - that’s the Italian version!


We wiz proper bourgeois and had banana & sugar sarnies :smirk:


Shhhhh, there was all sorts of rationing in the 40’s and 50’s. @Jim probably couldn’t get bananas as a teenager.



My MiL said countless times throughout her life that she didn’t see a banana until she was 19


That’s a euphemism dude


You may be right but too late to ask her now