Pork scratchings


No indicators are removed at the prep centre


Funny thing with porkers, you don’t seen to get as much hate as with BMWs, people seem to love the 911 - had a few folk come up and chat when filling up, etc.


They’re checking to see if you have a disabled badge mate.


Yeah yeah…


I don’t get any hate, maybe your driving? :grin:


That’s because you never fucking drive- you always get me to!


I didn’t know you offered this service. I could do with a lift home from the pub later if you are free.


Sure, just pick me up first. :slight_smile:


I’ll get Jim to do it :grinning:



I don’t know what it is, but I like being driven in my own car…

…and you make a good chauffer :grinning:


You’re weird! And I’m sure others would disagree ant my driving!


Stuart might, but I’ll reserve judgement until you scare the shit out of me in your car :stuck_out_tongue:


…and that reminds me - you still haven’t taken me for a fuckin spin in it yet…:confused:


Hmm… :grinning: And for god’s sake, or even Pete’s sake, don’t say the word spin when you ask him!


Ok, there’s another Porsche breakfast meet on the 23rd Feb, followed by a trip to Mercedes world in Brooklands, all are welcome… :grinning:




seems odd to wrap a Macan S (the base model) in that way…


Always liked the Gulf colours, looks much better on a Tag Monaco though.


I’m afraid that is tasteless gash. I would laugh right in the face of the person driving that if I was unlucky enough to see one in person.