Pork scratchings


Presumably then, you’d be hit square on at somewhere between 30 and 80mph. I’d rethink your life choices.


Nah, it would be most likely stationary and double parked outside the school gates waiting to pick up Chardonnay and Brandon :confounded:


Why are you hanging around school gates?


Checking out the milf.





I can live with their findings…

The study carried out at the University of Würzburg, south-east of Frankfurt, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, concluded: ‘Men perceived the Porsche driver as more attractive, flirtier, more intelligent, more ambitious, and as having a higher status.

Oh, and thanks for your in depth research, of the Mail to bring us this article… lol.


Strange, as most people I know see them a knobs with an issue.


Bit like folk from Cheshire…:wink:


You know people? :dizzy_face:


Well when I say know… I have seen people on the street like.



How long do you have it for? :wink:


Not long enough unfortunately…

Actually I’m starting to get itchy feet and wondering what to get next… :dizzy_face:


Tesla, my second daughters BF got one and it’s really great for a milk float. Quicker than you’d think. It’s big and has the turning circle of a whale.


I hate big cars tbh, the M4 is on the verge of my size comfort zone…


BMW internal build quality is fairly average. Mine is just about to go back in again for some repairs and for another water leak.


Couldn’t you have had the leak fixed when you had your leg-grapes sorted out? I’m sure having a larger bag fitted would have taken but seconds on your private health cover. Also, extra absorbing gusset is a must for the more moist Beamer-pilot.



Bad luck with your quality issues, mines been perfect. So much so, that I couldn’t wait to get out of the top of the range Alfa I test drove last week, that everyone’s raving about!