Pork scratchings



That’s part of a 3 way test with a Nissan GTR and Honda NSX, the Porsche easily wins it… lol


Westbound services on the M4 this morning - porking like a cunt…



I wouldn’t boast about it Jim, that’s a complete lack of consideration for other car drivers… Nice new car by the way. Bonus for the coffee job? :wink:


New GT3 launched, my begging letter is in… lol.


Wrong colour. :sunglasses:


Any colour will do at the mo… lol…


Are you seriously thinking of getting one?


I’ve put my letter of intent in as requested by my dealer, but realistically I’ve got no chance… :cold_sweat:


Thought I’d push the matter a little, and submitted a very high end spec with all the option boxes ticked… circa £140k ish, got a reply about an hour later saying all sold out… lol.


Just buy one with the engine in the correct place. Boxster or Cayman, I think they call them…


That’s ok thanks, they’ve worked out how to make them go round corners without putting you backwards into a hedge now… lol


Bugger. :frowning:


Trouble is, I’m buggered if I’ll pay overs for a flipped one…

Anyway interest rate rises soon will put paid to all the stupid speculating, imo…


You could get an Astra for that sort of money, maybe not such a high spec …


I know, but with Peugeot taking over, now might be the right time to buy an Astra and watch it soar in value, before they’re shutdown!


It certainly wouldn’t be the full monty 1.6 GLS for that pitiful amount…


Did they actually put that into production, I read it was just an exercise to show what the epitome of car design would look like.


You couldn’t order one. Vauxhall handpicked 100 of the highest members of society who they deemed worthy of such a machine.

It had the lot. Rev counter, tiltable steering wheel, four speaker stereo system, and velour effect seats to hold you in place while you unleashed the full 80 horsepower on other unsuspecting road users. When i was a lad, we could only dream of making the list. We had to make do with a 1.3 Merit…


When Peugeot bought Vauxhall recently they thought that the £1.9 Bn was buying the whole company. They’ve since been surprised to learn that it only actually covered the acquisition of a 1.6 TDi Astra sports tourer with a modest tray of muffins in the back.