Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Ha ha Haskell hands of stone.


Bath must be very happy (not) they let Devoto go.


Wasps looking edgy and not coping with the Exeter line speed. Time for a little chip over the on rushing defence?


Nah, the problem Wasps have is that their passing has been crap apart from the last 3 minutes of the first half. Dropping the ball, passing forward, passing too high or just not passing when you have 3 players on the outside.

If I was Wasps DoR I would sub Haskell and bring on Guy Thompson. Daly has been pants today as he has had slow ball and been marked out of the match by the Exeter centres.


I think now is the time to bring on Simpson.


20 all. Game on. Plenty of beer in the fridge :rugby_football:


Exeter deserve this, Wasps have dominated for about 20 minutes of the match.


Well done Exeter, you deserved it.

Will Chudley nearly lost it for you, but a great win.

Even better if you consider that Wasps spend about double what Exeter do on players.


Well done Exeter. Feel for Nathan Hughes. Great game for the neutral, as was the Pro12 final. Great result for the Scarlets.


Well done Exeter fully deserved. Pride of Devon.


Congratulations to Exeter. Sad to see Wasps lose but Exeter have been comfortably the best side in the second half of the Premiership.


Picamoles has left Northampton.


Stuttering start for the Lions in NZ. 7-3 down at half time but they have created enough to suggest they will win today.


Sexton may have played himself out of the test side. Poor performance so far, they look like 15 strangers.


Let’s hope it was just a bad day at the office otherwise this could be a really bad tour.


15-16 to the Lions, it could easily be 14 more to the Blues. Poor performance, second rows for the Lions have been poor. Liam Williams can’t catch high balls and Jack Nowell errors caused two tries for the blues.


Blues now scored 3 try’s to Lions one. 22-16 to the Blues.


Marler stupid penalty blows any chance of a comeback.


Lions lose after Best fails to find the jumpers in a lineout.


Best just lost any chance of test spot.
How often is there a last minute scenario with a line out with a catch and drive option (which the Lions do well) for the winning try?
If you can’t hit your targets you shouldn’t be on the pitch.