Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Not bad for the Pumas either!


As you were


Has makings of another great game.
It does make you wonder why Launchbury isn’t with the Lions, stand out classy player.


Cos Twatland doesn’t like the English


Great try, although I am quite astonished that Brown passed the ball!


Crap kick though… :flushed:


The England shirts might look o.k. in real-life, but TV makes them look like a poor registration print job.

As for the design - blu-klux-klan?


Dark Sapphire, apparently.


Really impressed with Genge.


Great try from Argentina. Lucky for us, their kicking is off today.




Like a seven’s game!
I can’t remember when i have seen international rugby as open as this!


Yarde is complete pants at defending, how Eddie Aussie can complain about Wade’s defense and yet pick this clown is a mystery.



Fantastic match. Loving it!


Not a great start for Underhill, I suspect now he can’t play for Wales, he’ll be politely parked.


Nice maul, not easy against the Argie pack


Ford has started to boss!


Lovely drop goal from Ford.


Great win,
With 30 first choice players unavailable this has been a great tour.
Eddie Jones will have learnt a lot about his extended squad.


It’s great to see some young lads with real promise coming through.

@ICHM, Bob, how’s your lad coming along? Is he sticking with 7s, or moving up to 15s?