Rugby A Game For Gentlemen




Is he setting Cips up to fail so he can say “told you so!”?


He is obsessed with playing players out of position at fullback, when the natural successor to Brown is Watson.


Watching AB’s tearing France a new one. Which is amusing as they’ve only had their old one for a week.


Zulu slides !!!


And that’s exactly why Cipriani should be in the team.


I think the weather won that for us to be honest.


Just like the weather, hard ground and altitude favoured the Boks in the first 2 tests?


Also the fact the SA team wasn’t the strongest.

The comment that resonated was that we just kept doing the basics well.


And the Boks played their first team in the first 2 tests while we played with what we had left at the end of the season and while resting some players.
We need a 9, Cips at 10, Daly outside centre, Watson at full back, a winger to go with May and that is not even looking at the forwards.
Think Curry has grown into this series as a positive and Shields.could be developed into a replacement for Robshaw once he is familiar with the systems. Need to get the front row sorted.


Our open play breakdown distribution is still too slow and ponderous, and the receivers always static.


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Watching England v NZ, Rugby League, at the Denver Broncos Mile High stadium.

20k spectators, which is an attendance that any RL team would cream themselves over at home, if they could even accommodate that many fans, and the place looks empty…,


Good idea.