Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


The problem for England is that some key players were missing (Billy V) and that the back row was bloody static until Haskell came on. Itoje is just not a 6, he never has been.

Joseph is not working with Farrell and Cole has lost his mojo.


I never thought I would say this, as when he was captain I wasn’t sure that he was worth his place, but Robshaw has been immense at 6 in the Jones era and is sorely missed. Add Mako V and George Kruis and the pack looks a lot more balanced with more ball carriers.

Still not sure we have a world class 7 though


Good start to the France Scotland game


Wales not kicking the two penalties in the first half. Thanks lads :+1:


It’s not that Wales didn’t kick their two penalties, they decided not to take the first and lost the chance of an easy 3 points. If they had kicked that England would have had a kick off from the half way they would not have had the second chance. They turned down the chance of three points not six. They turned down the chance of 3 points and then compounded that error by being given a second chance and taking the wrong option again. They were given the chance to take three points twice and refused both times. Don’t forget the immense Farrell missed an easy conversion and Daly missed that long range penalty.
It was a huge performance by England, the best Wales have played for a good few years. The last twice they played like that England lost in WC15 and were hammered 30 - 3 in 2013.
That was a performance that was very All Black-like. Teams come very close to a victory but never quite get there (Ireland a few years ago springs to mind with the retaken conversion well into injury time). Not saying they are as good as that at all but the mental approach is very similar and bodes well going forward.


Wales all fail in this game, they have showed very little


They’ve been rubbish second half. Two average teams, but Scotland worked hard and ended their drought. Well done to them.


I thought Scotland played very well, they took their chances, Hogg is a class act .
Finn Russel didn’t miss a kick.

He didn’t miss a trick with his choice of girlfriend either


Good win for the Irish
They played the conditions well.
The French seemed to have all the inspiration washed out of them with the rain


Well, England looking very sloppy. Should be behind, but …


They need to tighten up for sure. Even so, I’ll be surprised if we don’t pick up a bonus point.


The Italian Tackle/Ruck tactic is causing mayhem.


I can’t believe what I’m watching but you have to say Italy deserve to be ahead at halftime.


True dat.

Interesting tactics by Italy, but I’m sure Eddie will be giving England the work around for them right now.

I was expecting a whitewash, but this is making for s more interesting game.


More like it!


Absolutely. The taps are open now.


England 13 missed tackles - four of which were presumably in that last try


Or taps not open. Farrells laser guidance is obviously in need of recalibration.


About bloody time.


Well that was a bit different.
England came out of it with a win and a bonus point so on that level at least a big success.

Full marks to Italy for invention and staying in the match for far longer than expected. If they hadn’t missed two relatively easy kicks in the first half it would have been interesting.