Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


A little pathetic.

The England players had loads of chances to steal the ball when the Italians had tackles and no ruck. I was annoyed the ref didn’t call the Italian breakdowns out loud like he did the English.

A bit unfair as the players were then unsure.

The pick up and hit direct was the solution, at pace, as once the scrum half pauses to have a look it’s too late.

Not hard to sort out but they made it look hard for a long time! As an ex 7 I was more than frustrated watching!


As an ex 9 it just proved what I have always known - you can’t expect forwards to think and play at the same time :grinning:


And Wales have just pretty much sealed the series for England. Can we do the Grand Slam?


What a great game of rugby. Well done Wales.


Really enjoyed that. Great contest.


It was a great game. The atmosphere must have been amazing with the roof shut, I bet it was deafening at times.


I could never get welsh at home tickets, but always went to England games.

From a partisan point of view that’s a great result.

I hope Scotland don’t get dirty and try and ruin the game tomorrow.


Scotland are still very much in it. If they beat us (England) tomorrow they will be favourites! :astonished:


I spoke to a very glum Welshman yesterday before the match.

He said it was a horrible time to be a Welsh fan, if they lost the game they slipped down the rankings and would be in a group of death for the next RWC, If they won they handed England the title on a plate

A lose lose situation!


Jolly good :+1:


Good start for Italy!


Red card?


Shoulda been


Only a yellow. Bit of a let off.


Hope springs eternal, but I think we’ve just seen a taste of things to come…

Oh, hang on…

Yessssssss! What a try!


England looking very disciplined. Porridge Wogs looking not so much…


Joseph is electric


Scotland are shit


Oof! Great solo effort!


Shame Scotland have had these injuries, they haven’t got the strength in depth on the bench. England could win this by 50 points.