Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Fantastic. Bonus point on the cards, maybe in this half.

Joseph is superb.


Not looking great for Scotchland :scream:


It’s difficult to admit, but I really like England’s style.


This is going to be a cricket score…


Great innit


Oh yes.

Making a bit of a meal of that non dangerous late tackle…


The French twat was going to give him a yellow until the nice New Zealander corrected him :wink:


Easy 50 points today, maybe 60?


Wait until we bring our super subs on :laughing:


Billy’s back!


Does Brown actually know how to pass?


He used to have a reputation for always beating the first tackle. He seems to have lost that and, as you say, doesn’t want to pass


Fuck yeah!


Great win, done in style.


Any Scotts in the house?


Lauren (youngest, the clever one, big rugby fan) says the Calcutta cup looks like a kettle.

I forgot the original got used as a football in 1988, Dean Richards and John Jeffrey kicked it down Princes St in Edinburgh. I believe they might have been to a couple of pubs…


The original is officially in 'too fragile a state to tour or attend functions’
So a replica is used for presentations etc.

John Jeffrey got banned from rugby for 6 months after that incident, Richards got a one match ban.
If my memory serves me right they both got a bill, No fines as there no match fees of course in those amateur days.




No match fees LOL.


In those days there weren’t. Jeffrey was a hill farmer and Richards was a Sergeant in the Police iirc. The Calcutta Cup incident was in 1988.
It was while later that that the money started coming in and they were professional in everything but name (certainly in the Southern Hemisphere).
David Campese was quoted in 1991 as saying ‘I am still amateur of course, but I became Rugby Unions first millionaire five years ago’.