Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


I believe that they were called “travel and subsistence allowances” those days.

It’s expensive eating and drinking in and getting a hotel in all those capital cities, so the allowances were rather generous…


Yes “boot money” was paid to Richmond and London Scottish players.


Is Itoje, Haskell and Vunipola the strongest back row England have ever fielded?
Not saying they are the best as Hill, Back and Delalio were awesome and there is an argument that Itoje is not really a 6, but physically I can’t recall a bigger unit.


Itoje is not a 6, he is too slow and not a natural back row player. He is in the team at six as players were injured and he can’t drop Launchbury. Putting him at six means two back rows on the bench, but then when one of the three starting donkey rows goes off, they are too tired.


England not having a fast 7 will be an issue at the next world cup.


Agreed, but Haskell will be past it then. You watch a lot of the younger players Bob. Any natural 7s in the U21 or U18?


Oddly, there are 4 on the way up, two at Wasps (Willis brothers, the youngest looks most promising) and the Curry twins at Sale. I would put my money on Willis the younger as the most likely, but he may be too young for the next world cup.


Less than an hour to go and I’m going to watch every second of all three games.

Looking forward to this!


Getting giddy


I hope the next two games are better than that. Hard for them to be worse tbh.


Missed most of the 1st game, was out on the golf course, but looking forward to the next two.


It was awful


Always thought Barnes was a cunt.


Wales are dreadful, they have had very little ball and what they have had they have given away.


What a dreadful game, lacking any spark by either side, Wales have a better kicker so are likely to win. Unbelievable that France have done nothing with all the possession they have had.
Wales have defended well but a French side of yore would have ripped them apart.


What a farce




Going to miss the start of the England game at this rate. Ffs


England are dreadful, they have had very little ball and what they have had they have given away.


England were terrible