Shamelessly copying RAM album club


I was fairly late getting in to Dylan. Where are you going next Freewheelin?

Edit, I see Highway 61. Great record.


Highway 61 Revisited and then Blonde on Blonde. Suggestions are very welcome.


Desire should be on any short list. If nothing else, for Hurricane.


Just started listening to the 1966 Live Recordings Box Set. First disc in and I would strongly recommend for a Dylan fan.

I would start at Freewheelin and work forward. If you want to try some later stuff Love & Theft is great. I 'm a big fan of Tell Tale Signs Bootleg Vol 8 which is really listenable.


Blonde on Blonde
Highway 61
Another Side

Then listen to the more recent stuff

IMHO of course :wink:


These two are magnificent



Over the weekend I’ll be listening to this three times, then writing some things about it.


Not a fan of vocal, but giving it a try now.

Comment on first track, timing impeccable. He makes you wait, and then delivers.


So much this.


Really can’t do vocal Jazz, Big Band, Swing et al.


Being forced outside your comfort zone is not all bad.


Yes. It. Is :-1:


My favourite Sinatra album.


You Tube doesn’t give the date. An early one?




Thank you. Guessed by style and lack of ‘biggest hits’, it had to be early.


Google ? :thinking:


Yeah, could, But prefer to talk to people.


By typing on a forum. Okay :rofl:


A hard choice - he has so many great albums.