Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Isobaric. ‘Isobarik’ is the name of an awful Linn speaker.


@coco Do you remember the guy who came with me to yours last time I visited? He’s just been given a pair of Isobarik DMS in a relative’s will. But he does have £30k plus of Linn/Naim gear.


I always get confused with bariatric and isobarik

One is a toilet for fat fuckers


And the other is …




Clearly his relative has a twisted sense of humour. A fuck you from behind the grave! I approve.


got some tannoy eatons in system to play with , using an old phillips amp they go impressively deep for such a small box . certainly played organ deep . i can see why folks like them . i think they are about 4.5k


sorry only just spotted this, was Meridian 556 but lacked power (170w) a 557 would have been ideal but looks like owners are holding on to them!
So I ended up with a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated with full L2 upgrades (not the least of which is 3 transformers replacing the single std multi tap). I am guessing must be 500w at least. Only downside is that the phono stage doesn’t impress much so my TdP Ear834p ain’t going anywhere :slight_smile:
We will also be running with a John Wood Audio KT88 at the Kegworth show.


some pics of the eaton which looks bigger than it is in the picture P1050246 by , on Flickr

P1050245 by , on Flickr

not surprisingly goes deeper than the frugalhorn and will continue listening


also got the big beast of a thrax , no idea how much it weighs but the carrying case must weigh a good many kgs . quality looks absolutely beautiful with loads of grills . now i think the harbs are 6ohm so i had it on 4ohm . not sure if that was right but dealer suggested that. so will try 8 ohm as 4 ohm seems a bit overwhelming with bass .

the imaging and soundstage are way better than the supernait 2 but then it does cost 10k compared to 3k . the supernait is fun in its own way and certainly gives entertainment

P1050259 by
, on Flickr

P1050258 by , on Flickr

P1050251 by , on Flickr


The guy I bought them off uses the bigger XL6 floorstander and has a Naim Statement to power them.


According to the website it’s only 12Kg…


Phil’s got weak arms


yes i asked that question of the dealer . now seeing that both dealers struggled to get it out of a car i would estimate it weighs at least 41kg with the case !!


Don’t care what amp you put with those Harbeths, the room - speaker interaction is fatally flawed.


the tannoys and supernait are in a different room which is about 5m by 4m and sounds pretty stunning . agree ones lounge is very compromised .

just put a new rug and put curtains back and its pretty good in the attic room which i have been doing for 2 weeks


New rack, Finite Elemente on it’s way




Reasons. Is that MAX’s rack Bob?


Telly stand?


Can’t see Bob paying dealer scum prices.

Probably the one on PFM?