Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Oh yeah, really.

VdH Grasshopper Silver coils


Well hello, found my way here thanks to Gregg and Jim.

Been out of the game for a fair while with the system in storage for the better part of a year for various reasons. New premises being the main

I’d think there are more than one or two who’ll remember the old system, well, the death of the EMM Labs cdp and a shiny new secondhand dedicated (smaller) room has been the catalyst for more new old stuff, notably the TT. Bought in the hope that it would sound okay and as importantly give me something to tinker with. The new phono is at only 20 hrs along with a Jelco 12" and DL103 it’s sounding not bad at all. A long way to go but the pic should give you the jist

Cheers all
ps Nick, liking the look of your new digital


Try a Puresound gun metal mat on the SP10, makes a big improvement.


Welcome back, Dan. Great to have you around, again.
A few of us are in Munich, for the next few days.
We will have one, for you.


Enjoy the show guys, look forward to hearing your thoughts

Thanks for the tip ICHM, new mat has been front of mind, wasn’t aware Puresound did one.


Hi Dan good to see you back :thumbsup: A shame about your Emm Labs :cry:


Shame Dan, that EMM Labs CD was great.


Hello Dan.


Good to see you back Dan. :+1:


Cheers Guys

Yeah, shame about the the EMM, not irreparable, just needs the power supply/transport upgrade. It sits in the loft awaiting the day I can justify shuffling it off to Canada, that said the Marantz I picked up is a good transport in a friends system and so much more flexible that a dac may be a better bet at some point.


This is what a sub £300 system looks like, sounding bloody well much better than it has a right too. Canton speakers £0 + new tweeter and bingo, £130, MF Synthesis (arrived dead and I got it fixed) £112, Marantz CD40 £20 with the cables in a charity shop and speaker cables £30.


You taking it to Harrogate then Bob?:wink:


Fuck the fuck off, £150 + insurance + travel + food + putting money in twat faces pocket, no fucking way.


Excessive use of expensive cables there Bob.


I couldn’t be bothered to put plugs on the free ones.


I’ll add your name to the spreadsheet in case you change your mind :slight_smile:


Put some falling net usage stats next to my name, that is bound to annoy people with catfood.


You should have seen the verbal I got for asking who HiFi Global were! I didn’t see it at the time but someone did on HiFi Subjectivist.


It won’t get better if you keep scratching it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve got a second DDDAC. It’s safe to say I like NOS DACs. :slight_smile: