Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Has that got the latest mods Ian? Waiting for my pimped DDDAC to be finished.


It has the latest board. It doesn’t use the main board, just a single DAC board with a custom SPDIF board and active output stage.

My other DDDAC has all of the foo stuff. :slight_smile:


Got an email back from moerch, Henrik recommends their extra heavy (blue) armtube at 14 g for a super gold.


Interesting. it would imply that it is low compliance & does need highish eff mass although 14g is not quite in Fidelity Research territory.


Hi end items for me again ;-).

Currently playing with a NAD C326BEE amp and MS10i Pearls.


No one likes a show off.:stuck_out_tongue:


Pics or it’s Web Willy Waving :unamused:


An old friend, owned lots of Nytech over the years including a current CTA252XA I have.


A couple of years ago at Bristol there was a room where someone had started producing Nytech electronics again and ARC 050 speakers. I don’t know if anything more came from it. They looked like they’d be a hard sell alongside some of today’s alternative offerings (sound quality aside). Perhaps too Retro or Hair Shirt


There is a company in Germany that is producing ARC 050 & 102 speakers again, it’s on PFM under the Nytech thread.

There is a Nytech company that services and produces Nytech stuff. TBH I didn’t think much of that demo of the new stuff, they were at a show (maybe Manchester) I went to.

The vintage stuff is a bit corse, but it boogies in a way a lot of new transistor stuff doesn’t.

The Nytech CA252 and CA302 are Nytech’s Naim Nait 1 & 2, too much for too little money that is a hard act to follow.


Also got this back from a friend who bought it off me and I bought it back. Lovely amp, sort of like a more direct Myst TMA3.

My youngest daughter took my Inca Tech Claymore or I would have quite a collection of 1980’s integrateds with Naim Naits, Nytech, Sondex, Myst, Pioneer etc…


And Armstrong?


Weren’t Armstrong done & dusted by the 1980’s?


AFAIK, yes. I bought a 621 amp in 1975, my first proper amp.

Lovely thing that I played to death. Well, not actually to death, my mate in Cornwall is still using it after I gave him a full system in the '90s.


You could add A&R Cambridge A60 (they sold tens of thousands of these), Onix OA21 (wonderful amp), Audio Innovations S300, Linn Intek (I though it was crap), AR amp (forgot the name), Creek 4040 (my first proper amp), NAD 3020a, Rotel RA820 etc…





NAD 3020a, had one of those in my first system back in the day! With their record deck with the flat tone arm and Royd Coniston R speakers:slight_smile:


John Shearne were cracking amps too


Well received at the time.