Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


What is he replacing it with Paul?


And how much does he want for cash? :smile:


My Densen DM30 and Eximus DP1.:grinning:




Nice sales strategy :grin:


Please stop posting pics of your Luxman Paul it makes me pine for one again. :heart_eyes:


I offered him the full home delivery / demo service with no sales pressure whatsoever .
If I wasn’t so nice and honest I would have made a good hi-fi dealer.:smile:


I have met you. I think you are ideal dealer material. Possibly even distributor quality even.



I believe you display the requisite level of cuntery to succeed


Did you only want what you paid for it? :grin:


Maybe I am under-estimating myself and I could go for the full ‘Russ Andrews’, and sell overpriced foo for a living.:laughing:


You, underestimate yourself? :flushed: Nah, never :stuck_out_tongue:


Any more of that and you won’t be getting the 15% friends and family discount.:stuck_out_tongue:


Is that the same as the now worthless Super Wammer discount.


A mini DSP 2x4 HD just in at Pully towers.
The room went from tidy to a dump
I had to trug in three different computers before the plugin download would load. Still playing with it all.
I got out my spare RAALS


Fantastic, all it’s missing is a few croc clips. :+1:


New dac/pre (Oppo Sonica) and power amp (Primare A34.2) with my Mk1 Linn Kans.


Black is the new … errr black :smile:

Haven’t we seen those speakers before?


The Sonica gets a very good review in HiFi Plush.

Isn’t it a bit more than a DAC?


Don’t you miss the bottom three octaves? :wink: