Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Nice to see some Linn Kan’t in classic de rigueur mullet system configuration.


Not this specific pair, though I have had a couple of other pairs of Kans over the last few years.

Yes - I sold my Auralic Mini last night as the Oppo is also a streamer and preamp so I can run Tidal straight through it into the power amp.


Put the Trafomatic back in this morning to take care of preamp duties - definitely better than using the Oppo’s digital volume control (hardly suprising I guess!). Pity it’s sold - might have to tell the buyer I’ve dropped it down the stairs or something.:thinking:


That’d make it a full-on Donald Trump combover bouffant mullet system.


Aurender N100h on the way…

No more drop outs and crap interface!


They are quite spendy, aren’t they?


Gadzooks, no DAC either!


Still spendy second hand as well!

I can now take advantage of my Hugo TTs isolated USB input, though. The 128 gig solid state buffer drive means cached playing so no drop out and the internal hd drive means I can forget my nas.

And the iPad interface combines tidal and your collection as if it’s one source.

As I have no intention of going vinyl I may as well enjoy streaming.
My Cyrus sound fantastIc but the app is crap!


Have you used the Aurender app much? It’s OK, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special.


No. But it can’t be worse than Cyrus Cadence!

I’ve seen it in action and it does what I need.

I’ve also canvassed two owners, here and over at another forum.


Yes the Aurender app is the weakest element. If you go Roon then I guess that’s another expense but a proven interface.


Not sure any app I’ve heard about is ever described as perfect.
Are you a roon convert?


In principle but not yet in practice. To be honest I never seem to get round to it as I’m playing vinyl mostly at the moment.


Sugden A21a2

Trying it with the tune audios at the moment and have to say it sounds better than the 300b amp, looks like the primes like a bit of SS class A up them.


Always like the sound Sugden amps make.


Had one about 5 years ago with some Proac 1sc’s and it was fantastic.

The primes now seem to be tighter and faster, guess the SS amp has more control than the 300b’s, really tempted to keep them now but I’ve also bought some Harbeth p3esr to go with the suggy.


Oh fuck, I take it you’ve heard the little Harbeths? Did you really get them for a price worth letting the Primes go?


heard them years ago and thought they were good but a little tame.

Listening to london grammar at the mo and seriously considering just flipping the harbeths now.


That’s exactly what I’d do tbh.


I tried loads (well into double figures) of power amps with the Primes and I didn’t find any valve amp that sounded as good as a Nelson Pass First Watt J2. The Canary 300B push pull mono’s just didn’t do it. Coco’s SIT amp the Mk II version surpassed the J2 with some ease and remains the standard to be aspired to as far as those speakers are concerned.

I do have a Sony v-fet power amp which is also makes a fist of driving them, but still trails in the wake of Pete’s creation.

Needless to say, all of the good sounding SS amps were class A.

Harbeths are just zzzzzzzzzzzzz btw.