Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


There are some speakers in my experience, that just sound better with SS Class A amps, like HPD Tannoy’s,


I eventually got around to partially setting up a Squeezebox last night, plugged it into the tinternet…I quite like the radio stations…funk, disco, blues… it’s a nifty bit of kit!

Next step, confuse myself with connecting a laptop to it.

It looks like this:


they are great, I think that is an SB3. I have one sat around in the office doing nothing.


How do you tell which version is what?


I have the same one,SB3


This was the sb2


Ah I see, as you can tell I know nowt about them, cheers.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get it to read music off my laptop, never done that kinda thing before!


If you get stuck,Icehockeyboy still has a hotline as far as i know.


Just install the LMS (Logitech media server) software on your laptop. Reboot the squeezebox and the SB3 should find the server running on your laptop. Should need very little intervention…


Ah that’s brilliant! Ta.


in the setup of LMS you may be asked to select the folder where you keep all your music.

oh and there might be a delay after you install the server software, and being able to play it, as the server scans your music library to setup its internal databases

In my experience it either goes very smoothly and just works, or it just becomes a total pain in the arse.


LMS or software generally? :smiling_imp:




join the club…:thumbsup:


Currently having a play with @ICHM’s Avantgarde Model 5 in my system. Pretty nice but transistory.

Having remote control is cool. Good knob feel.


Mmmm…knob feel :grinning:


You need a Shakti stone, I should have put one in the box :rofl:

It takes a few hours of being on to sweeten up.


LMS - I have found it to be a bit flaky sometimes…mind you I stopped using my SB devices a while ago, although I still have two SBTs, an SB3 and SBRadio sitting doing sod all ATM,

These days its UnitiQute in the kitchen, Intel NUC or SmartTV in main system, and Firestick + TV in the bedroom.


nice phono stage


one of our cats produced something resembling a Shakti stone this morning.