Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Hopefully not on top of your amp.


Saw them supporting Napalm Death in 87…


Too much tech (for little old luddite me).
And now they are making these things voice controlled.
Not good when I tend to shout at sat navs and the like.
I dread the day they bring that new fangled electrickery to my town.


no, no - Shakti stone manufacturing happens in the litter tray.


I thought that was where Entreq got the material for their Ground Boxes? :confused:


it is, the litter is treated by cat piss and fragments of Shakti stone. The large stones are panned, it is a bit like panning of gold


Fantastic, get BobC to encase it in the finest MDF and you’re there. :thumbsup:


Yes, it certainly seems to be coming on song now.


Not impressed with the little harbeths, they are miniscule but need some serious volume to get anywhere near interesting.


They don’t like weedy amps, I used big class A ones when I had them, you have to be careful with the volume as well. They are also very fussy about stands, I found the best ones were very heavy PMC 41" studio stands with the speakers above ear height.


Just fuck them off if I were you.


The Harbeths have some excellent qualities but in relation to the Tune’s you are comparing apples with oranges.


Not second hand …

Sonos “Playbar” soundbar bought on a whim yesterday.

It’s a bit individualistic in its approach (no HDMI, controlled by IR remotes - it has a learning capacity), but once you’ve got your head around it, it’s very good indeed.

TV / films actually sound better than through my immense, extremely heavy room-correcting Yamaha soundbar.

Music is surprisingly acceptable.

I think this just made a load of equipment redundant.


That’s because they’re shit. If you want to liberate some cash, build yourself some Lampizators P17 speakers for £250 (I think I have some bits here) and use a little 2020 class d amp. Zero money invested and genuinely good sound. Not expensive shit that you have to make stupid excuses for.


Eagerly expecting one of these through the post some time this week.



I’ve just got myself one as well, had it for just over a week now and it’s sounding sweet, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Is it run in now?


Gary recommends it be left on all the time, then engage the valve rectifier before you listen, I don’t like leaving things on when I’m not at home so probably not burned/bedded in just yet, I don’t pay that much attention to such things really, it’s sounding really good though, going through my CD’s again.

I’ll be bringing along to Jim’s bake off, so it will have a few more hours on it by then.


Just looked at the website and the price is very good considering BP’s normal prices.


It is a fairly basic DAC, no frills, no hi-res and non oversampling. I’ve always had a tendency to find NOS DACs more convincing so I have high hopes for this one.