Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


same here, I’m a big fan of the audio note DACs although they are bloody expensive.

That looks really good value and if I’m right the strong point of BP is their PS designs.


These look really interesting, let me know how you get on with it Wayne.
Did you buy it used or new?


New. Once it’s run in I’ll bring it up to Chesterfield on one of the days if you like so you can take a listen.


That would be cool,


Amazon echo dot, not bad audio output and ultimate lazy bastards hifi toy as you just shout at it to play what you want


I have one of those it’s called Stronzetto


Is it wireless, or do you have to insert a plug of some description to make it work?


Butt plug?


With Stronzetto, who knows?


I’m afraid that scores 0 out of 100 on my scale of desirable items. YMMV


I have one of these with the subwoofer, annoyingly good.


And they’re excellent for weather, traffic and train times… :wink:


I love mine.


'Tis here…

Thankfully now able to use an app that integrates Tidal to replicate the visuals and layout of the main app. At a similar speed! Much as my Cyrus Stream sounded great the app was slow and limited.

Yet to load up the HDD, but with Tidal hifi as my main source there is little need yet.

One question: my Aurender Conductor app will display albums in both cd standard and MQA masters version. Both will play via my non MQA Chord Hugo TT DAC.

I’m lost as to what benefit, if any, the MQA version gives in this situation. I know it’s not full MQA without a partner DAC, but is it then just sent as standard cd quality?


MQA has CD quality up to standard res and lossy compression for the high res. I imagine that a standard DAC will just play the CD bit.


Guess it matters not which one I play then! I know what the full fat MQA is but not sure what you get when MQA is unwrapped for non compatible DACs.


You’re supposed to get the “benefits” of the pre-ringing filters. Meh.


Found the clearest explanation yet:

Once properly set-up (we’ll get into that later) MQA Master files can be sent at either 88.2/24 or 96/24 (depending on the file itself) to any DAC that supports those bit rates. Does this make it unnecessary to own a DAC with built-in MQA decoding? Not quite. With an MQA-compatible DAC MQA files can be decoded at their maximum rate, which depending on the file could be as high as 384/32! So, without an MQA-compatible DAC the best you can get is 96/24, which is pretty darned good, but with an MQA DAC you get the maximum rate that a file can deliver


Have you tried listening to both and evaluating? Hasn’t the Chord designer come out and said that he’s not into MQA and unlikely to support it?

The Aurender app needs a bloody serious makeover if they’re not going to make their products Roon Ready.


This is the main reason I’m considering Auralic at the moment. They are Roon Ready, can deal with MQA with their own algorithms and are bloody good value for money.