Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


They are all mine now…


Yep, ordered it via the BP website and paid via paypal.


Don’t normally set up a system in the back room with the BBQ because that’s the access to the garden but you’re welcome to try it in the front room - we could use the Nagra as a transport :thumbsup:


I did mention a few posts up that I was going to bring mine along, I take it now I don’t need to bring it, no point in having two.


Sorry @JezR please go ahead and bring yours.


On seconds thoughts mines not the USB version so not as versatile as yours, all depends on what people want to plug in, by all means bring yours then.


I assume Jim’s Nagra has coax output so yours will be good


Cool, will do.


Courtesy of Stuart (cheers buddy for meeting up :kissing_heart:) -


They look lovely, How do they sound with the rest of your kit?


I grabbed the first pre I could find, in this case a very cheap and cheerful Tisbury passive and plugged it all in.

Have to say although I was expecting great things, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised how they sound. First track was an sacd rip of MJ’s ‘Billie Jean’ and it positively jumped out of the speakers.

I bought them as a bit of a toy and because I missed out on them when Stu bought them, but I’m beginning to think with the right preamp they could see off my Leben :grimacing:


lovely! I thought they were great. I remember thinking what the costs would for a
Small cottage outfit to produce them. - They would not be cheap.


Looks like you could have a result ! :smiley:


New strapline for AA?




For everyone else Wayne


Bollocks, forgot that the fucking tax man wants his chunk as well.

Looks like DACs are duty free so is only VAT to worry about, did you find the same or get stung for both?


Duty is low to nothing on most electric items, so it’s the vat plus collection fees


Not exactly new, but a system combo I have just tried and it’s pretty good, but no bass!!

Micromega Duo Pro 3.0, Audio Synthesis DSM, Primare 928 combo and Linaeum LFX :heart:

Lots of other crap on the rack.


Epic speaker stand / speaker mismatch.:stuck_out_tongue: