Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Yep, needs this plugging in.



Thought that was one of those NVA cube speakers for a moment.


Which one the Sunfire sub or the Linaeum LFX?



Border Patrol DAC arrived and have managed to get the hifi down to a single rack.

The Sugden A21SE is much better than the A21a2 with very impressive bass control


Whatcha think of the BP DAC then?


Really impressed so far, have been using a little meridian explorer since I sold the Audio Note but I think this is much better. It’s very different to AN and sounds much more dynamic with a bigger sound stage and more detail. The AN in comparison seemed to struggle with separating the instruments compared to this.


That is a nice looking turntable.
The OL at Carnage sounded great to my ears.
I bet that is really good with the PU7.


Testing my eldest son’s Morel Bassmaster speakers.

They have a unique sound, not sure they are me. Remind me of Focal 1007be I used to own. Curtis the woof likes them, no accounting for dog taste.


Gone back to my ATC SCM20SL much more refined and less trebly


Added a little Rel Quake subwoofer to augment the Kans.:grinning:


I was amazed when I heard how much life a sub breathed into a pair of Kans. :+1:t4:


It just fills the sound out that little bit (it’s barely turned up to 1 on the volume with the crossover set around 70) and combined with the speed and detail of the Kans it makes a really fun listen.
For around £500 the the set it’s mega bang for the bucks. Keep looking at super duper standmounts on ebay for £1-2k but just don’t think they will entertain me as much.


There is definitely something special about the speed of some small standmounts. The Quad ESL989 have the same speed, but with more detail.


I occasionally think about adding a pair of small subs into my system for below 50ish hz duties.

How have you got it connected, in series with one of the speakers?


I use the high level cable which takes the signal from both left and right speaker terminals on the amp. I could add another sub and run each from one channel.
Now I know I like it I might look out for a newer gloss black Rel sub to better match the rest of the system.


Ok so effectively stereo bass from 1 sub.


BK Electronics, a British company, who make in house, have really good value subs, of different sizes.
They have an online shop, and another outlet, that appears to be an AV shop, with discounts, that is actually BK.
Some really good deals.
Here is the outlet shop, and they will deal a bit.


Yeah, its the BK ones id go for. They are very good value.