Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Build a frame for the car boot and hang the whole thing on strong bungee cords.


Passenger footwell is normally pretty flat, if you can slide the front seat back far enough - is it a Volvo :wink:


Roof rack ?


And only £1 from your local supermarket…


Nicely level and snugly packed into the boot, still driving back:

Seller was great, a real enthusiast and very helpful. He already had the platter and arm boards bubble wrapped and boxed. Really good buying experience and via ebay!


I recall meeting AJ Conti at a CES in Chicago in about 1988 probably the first outing for Basis. He was a really nice knowledgeable guy. If I’m not mistaken he passed away fairly recently.


The bloke I bought it from mentioned that but I didn’t realise it was recent. I’m waiting for a reply on a 45rpm pulley from Basis, must be a relative as they’re called Jolanta Conti.

I have a feeling that one won’t be available which will mean I’ll obviously need a separate turntable for 45rpm!


October last year. Only 59. There are a few nice obituaries in the Absolute Sound.


My brother-in-law has just upgraded to some Gershman Avantgardes (same as what myrman uses) so I have his PMC Twenty.24’s in my system for a bit until I get round to selling them.

Always liked them in my bro-in-laws much bigger room but initially in my room they were very dull and bland but that was maybe just my ears being used to the screechy Linn Kans.:roll_eyes:
An hour or so of tweaking positioning, and getting used to them, and they are now sounding very nice indeed, if still a bit safe.:+1:


He did well to find some Gershmans :smiley:


He had some assistance from yours truly.
I actually wanted them myself but they were a touch pricey for a skinflint like me.


A excellent find Paul. :+1:

The Aesthetix Rhea Signature phonostage I have had on home demo for the last week will not be going back. Crazy good but only to be expected considering how good the standard model is.

@pmac should buy mine. He has enough turntables :wink:


He also has cunning plans so that he can run them all through the Vida without changing any leads over



Got my ARC 101 speakers back from a refurb, new tweeters and caps in the x/overs. Tweeters running in, getting better hour by hour. Running passive at the moment.


First proper speakers i owned


I have the 050 as well, very nice speakers. The 101’s arrived with dead tweeters and bollox’d x/over and wiring/connectors. So new wiring, new connectors for the x/over and cabinet as well as new tweeters and caps. The x/overs were rebuilt effectively.

They stand me just over £210 now, which is more than I wanted to pay, but it seemed a shame to scrap them.

Shame you are not closer, as you are welcome to borrow them. I have a couple of Nytech amps too, CA302 and CTA252XD.


I used an a&r a60 with them,i know quite a lot of users used Nytech


Trying the Nytech CA302.

I always found the A&R A60 a bit too soft, warm and cuddly for my taste.


You really should open the “Vintage British Hi-Fi” museum Bob.

You’d make a killing.


Nah, I just have memories of this stuff from my early interest in gear. I do like British 1980s integrated amps though.

My fav integrated amps of the time are (in no particular order); Naim Nait 1, Myst TMa3, Inca Tech Claymore (a really great amp), Nytech CA302/252, Sondex S230, Exposure X. I have them all here, except the Inca Tech which my youngest daughter nicked for her (my) Bose 901 Mk2.

Very different sound with Nytech though.