Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Trying out some new balanced cables with the Avantgard Solo’s.

Transparent Ultra XL, can’t afford Reference ones at the moment. They replace Townshend cryo ones.


Fools and their money :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, you know, I like Transparent and MIT cables.:wink:

Anyway, been wanting a pair of these again since selling my last very nice pair to a best mate who wanted a pair for yonks (he still has them and they are his ‘last ever’ speakers). He is the guy who got me into this shite and still has the ARC Atoms I sold him, along with the Audiolab 8000a for his PC.

Anyway not minty, but good enough, in my view one of the best small stand mounts ever made and can drive a medium sized room to significant volume. In my view better than lots of the later SF stuff and sensible money.

And they are fucking beautiful in the flesh, you have to stroke them every time you pass them, I have seen so many people do this when I had a pair in the living room in my last house.

They are going in my bedroom system and staying there for ever.


I was looking at a pair on fleabay, are these those?




the way you are describing these Bob I sincerely hope they don’t have a rear port:grin:


Sadly, no. I have always liked SF Electa’s from when I first heard them at Heathrow when they were released. They have something magical about them that a lot of the other SF speakers don’t have. Very different sounding to the SF Extrema’s I used to have.


Not as experienced as many others here, but I’ve always liked the SF speakers, but the older ones when Franco S was still at the helm. For me, they were nice to look at and equally nice to listen to. I used to have the SF grand piano home floorstanders until after 14 years of pleasure I replaced them.


I had a friend who ran Electa Amators for many years, I agree with you, they were one of a very few standmounts that I actually liked. :+1:


This agreeing with me is happening too much Jim. :joy:

My list of very good small / medium standmounts; Sonus Faber Extrema (original) & Electa, Ensemble PA-1 Reference, Zillaton Legacy (updated PA-1 Reference) & Magico S1.


Basis got back to me today and have a used 45rpm pulley!

Now I won’t need a second turntable :slight_smile:


Quite surprised at how much of a difference these make, for the better. More detail, cleaner and generally better. The Townshend cables are pretty good, but these are definitely a step up.

Don’t worry I am just imagining it all, cables are just wires etc… :carrot:


Do they make more or less difference than the shakti stones Bob?


Valve in the pre went noisy so in comes a pair of Sylvania 6189. Not unobtainium but seem pretty good so far.


Home at last with my prize, sounding great with the Trilogy combo.

Why did SF stop making these wonderful things.


Because they fell into the trap of reinventing (not improving, just changing) the range every so often to lure the punters into thinking they needed to ‘upgrade’

It’s a business model shared with 90% of the hifi manufacturers out there


Those stands look very shiny.


My first proper “HiFI” amp was a Mira 1.


Yep. One off build for a chap who wanted them to go with his Timbresage stands (same design), I have two equipment stands in the same style. Original cost was £1200 in the late 1980’s, they are very heavy and sound rather good.


Do you freelance for What Hifi? :joy: