Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Why yes, I am doing streamers all next week, they are all shite of course, but two will get a ***** review.


Check who is buying the most advertising space first before you award the star rating :+1:


New system.:anguished:


Source thingy???


Are those the clever-clever active KEFs?


Playing musical boxes again Paul?


Change is good - or something like that.:crazy_face:

But I have put my back into spasm (first time in about 4 years) trying to adjust one of the spikes on the stands so I can’t even sit down to listen now.:weary:
I would have ‘dressed’ the mains cables much more neatly for the photo but I couldn’t bend down to do it.


It’s all there in front of you. :grinning:

I only use Tidal these days though the Kef app is a bit slow and glitchy (might need a new 5k router from what I have read on some forums?) so I might just buy another Auralic Mini and stream from that.


Very nice. I fancied / fancy a pair myself.

I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with them.


New cart for the SL1200.

Ortofon MC200 Concorde


Which SL1200 have you got, a mk2?


Cool, keep it period.


Yep Mk2, Mr. Bobc is currently borrowing it.


My thoughts.


Must be tempting to change the bearing, arm board, arm, platter, platter mat, feet and power supply. Will be close to an sp10 if you do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have two SP10 Mk2 why bother. It’s a stock SL1200 and it’s staying that way except for the crappy mat. It even has the stock headshell and cart (which is crap), hence the Ortofon.

Or I could follow some idiots at PFM or AoS and spend £5K on a SL1200.


Agree, they are what they are. I’m keeping an eye for for a mint mk2 1200, or i may just buy a new 1200gr.


I suspect the new 1200 will actually get close to an SP10. The motor control appears to be a good deal more sophisticated. It is amusing that the fanbois who worship the old 1200 haven’t confronted the fact that the new one is probably better for a deal less than they’ve been throwing at their original ones.


The same philosophy has spiralled into adding commissioned bespoke linear PSU’s to crappy W.D. NAS boxes in Foo’d up audio streaming set-ups.


There are loads of threads about this on PFM at the moment. :unamused:

The funniest had a bloke claiming that changing the USB lead from his server to his DAC affects the sound quality :robot:.