Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


You really do have to be a complete cunt to give any credence to this sorta sorry ass shit making any difference.


Not that I use a NAS box, but you have to try it before making a conclusion surely? There are differences in technology to CD transport and RJ45 streaming connection.


I’m not very open minded to creationism either. Same same…Reasons!!


I would take the view that the files on the CD and the files on the server are 1’s and 0’s. As long as both devices are reading the files correctly then the DAC shouldn’t distinguish between them and the piece of wire shouldn’t matter. If there are differences then either the transport is at fault or the rip is shite. As for all this other bollocks about galvanic isolation and USB, it strikes me as just that: bollocks. Might as well stick a Shun Mook resonator and a load of Peter Belt stickers on yer NAS (dont forget the folded paper underneath one of the feet).


That’s getting right on my tits, there’s one guy who claimed that SSD and a linear psu in his NAS made the sound better…

a clear, cleaner and quieter background, like a lack of white noise. Detail, separation and depth of info was greatly improved

I explained that as he was using a Naim streamer and it has a buffer that uses TCP to get the data it won’t make a difference to the sound.

He’s still popping up on threads telling people to get a linear power supply or SSD’s as it makes a huge improvement.

Stupid cunts.


Who gives a fuck? If it bothers you that much don’t read it. It’s why I avoid Hifi forums that discuss HiFi :smiley:


Because it is misleading people and causing them to spend money where it would make no improvement.

I have nothing against how people spend their money and it’s probably more to do with people getting facts about networking wrong and spouting bollocks.


Before… plant removed and stray wires (ready to dismantle)


FML what an effort. The cabinets had to move to get to plugs, and when a foot came off I was ready to quit…


Two issues…

The turntable is slidey as you like on the glass.
The glass shelves have lost the washers (perished etc.) for them to sit on the pegs. Ideas?
Washers seem less than useless anyway. Not sure what was there out the factory but this maker has long gone for a query…


Blu tac


If the DAC does its job, then you’re right - anything upstream of it cannot matter. The question then becomes, “does my DAC do its job?”

What I find is that most of the people who fuck about with digital cables have the kind of DAC that is non oversampling and doesn’t have any of the tech that’s designed to overcome these issues. So it might well make a difference for them, but it’s because they have a shit DAC.


Shit DAC or not, if you give it the same 0’s and 1’s it should give you the same analog output.


Sodders sells them little rubber feet thingies…

Yours for the princely sum of £5.


It’s more the glass shelf sits on the metal peg direct. There were some round washer rings but they are crap, possibly as they were about rotten.

I’m intrigued how it should be, so might have to hunt down something similar. It’s almost as if the pegs should have a rubber sleeve


Fair enough. But I’d just remove the pegs. Isolate with the “firm” AcoustiFeet.



Something like these on the metal pegs under the glass shelves? Supposed to stop glass sliding

Glad to see the deck fits on your stand!


The glass sits on cylindrical metal dowel pegs…
So it would need something like an o ring, or similar. Even with the black ones I have, that haven’t disintegrated, the shelf is not that stable. I can’t see a flat pad staying in place.


Will these pins fit?