Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Just get some elastic bands and wrap them round the metal cylinders. Would make it dead easy to balance out the height as well.


You could wrap the pegs with a bit of self amalgam tape, that stuff is nice and sticky.



penances cock ring set?


You can get vibrating ones. I dunno what it’ll do to a TT though


who cares :slight_smile:


Silicon end caps look like the best bet… if I can get the right internal diameter!


Way too simplified. You have to look at the error rates and the latency. In theory it’s 1’s and 0’s, but it’s when they arrive and if the sender / reader is working correctly at that point in time. For computer stuff, there can be buffers and resends, but for real time audio this is generally not what happens, as it’s ‘real time’ listening. In general audio is very small banana’s in terms of bandwidth.

There is a very limited number of current processing chips from a few manufacturers. Where the differences are is in the physical interfaces, the ‘add on’ software some manufacturers add and the power supplies.

NAS devices, there are quite a few types / manufacturers but they will use either RJ45 Ethernet connection, blue tooth (for streamer / NAS), USB or wireless Ethernet generally. Where as DACs use USB, Co-Ax, AES/EBU, Bluetooth, some use wireless Ethernet, Toslink, AT&T. Each type of interface has it’s pro’s and con’s. Generally wired is a more reliable method of digital transport (less latency and errors).

My personal view of streaming, having tried it quite a few times / styles with .WAV & .FLAC files, is that it’s sort of OK for non-critical listening, but it lacks the music experience and I get bored with streamed music much more easily.

My point was that although the theory is that 1’s and 0’s are just that and no more or less, in reality until you have physically tried it, then all bets are off.


This ^


Things cables can not fix RE: Streaming:

  • I have yet to encounter a woman who was impressed by my WAV collection.
  • Stripping art down to 0’s and 1’s is inhumane
  • No physical object to commune with
  • Zero fun in building a collection of WAV’s
  • A lazy and disposable method of making the simulation of music okay.


Great, now the experts are wading in :joy:


So what about radio?


My favourite profile signature while we were all active members on another forum was @coco 's.


What was that one?


Mince cow one?


CD, computer audio for dummies.


You’ve said a lot here, but none of it is meaningful.


I don’t have an opinion about any of that and it isn’t really relevant to what I was saying.

The point I was trying to make was that cables (USB or otherwise), or power supplies shouldn’t have an effect on the 0’s and 1’s a correctly operating transport (be it a CD transport, fileserver or a streamer) deliver to the DAC. If the 0’s and 1’s are the same, the DAC should output the same analog to the pre-amp. Foo cables or other bollocks notwithstanding.


My streaming set up is a on-board DAC in my desktop PC’s motherboard with a two bob phono cable connecting across the room into my pre-amp. It sounds absolutely shite. :+1:


Its easy to fool oneself but Aurender via USB into Border Patrol DAC sounds better than Oppo transport via spdif into the same DAC. Same source material - CD into spinner, same CD ripped onto NAS and Aurender’s internal HDD.

Overall, sounds better than many if not all CD players I’ve heard in my system.