Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


That was the case few years ago but real time is now very good, Tidal uses TCP and a buffer so unless you have a really shit connection (less than 1MB) it should be bit perfect. There are arguments that the lower sound quality is down to watermarking but I know fuck all about that and don’t give enough of a shit to read up or worry.

Streaming for me is ease of use, as soon as I get home from work I stick radio paradise on and then later listen to albums on Roon/Tidal. I don’t care if it doesn’t sound as good as it’s really only background music for when I’m calling you lot a bunch of cunts on here. I really only listen to vinyl at the weekends now.


I’ve not owned a CD player since 2010. I think the streamers I’ve had have been at least as good as the best CD players I’ve owned. Digital is for casual listening or (when I was allowed to drink :cry:) when you are too pissed to be safe with the records/cartridge…:roll_eyes:

The biggest argument for streaming vs CD in my house is that I can always find the CD rip on the server or the files on TIDAL if they were there in the first place. If, and I mean if, Jackie and the girls had put the CD box back in the right place it was still Russian roulette as to whether the right CD was in the fucking box. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: CDs are best kept in the loft in my view. :innocent:


A lot of people seem to find the distraction of having too many buttons/options for chopping & changing tracks prevents them from being able to simply play whole albums vs physical media. Kinda like having a fidget monkey at the helm of Pro Tools when recording an album…LOL such is the case for too many recording engineers of mainstream music unfortunately.

Personally I don’t see why ones M.O. should change. A wide range of readily available choice with fast access seems great to me. I often get thematic in one way or another with my playlists & although I have fairly decent recall, I find that having a well indexed & tagged collection that I can quickly browse through helps me make connections that make sense…to me!!

Doing the same through my physical media is often a chore by comparison & far more distracting in terms of losing a train of thought or getting sidetracked.


For the price of a London pint, I couldn’t resist this at the car boot last week. Came from the house clearance of a well to do old lady. Complete with receipt, warranty cards, manuals (German & English), schematic diagram and the card overlay showing what the controls do. 2 track but mono. Think I’ll put some mono jazz recordings onto tape. Haven’t checked yet but wouldn’t be surprised to find that the valves inside were Telefunken.
Value for a fiver :smiley:

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I don’t think it has ever been used.


They were £48 in 1963 equivalent to £950 today


My record player works.
Off the wall, by MJ graced it… charity shop find.

Everything seems to be warped. I say everything, I got that, somehting by Dexys MRs and BBC sport themes album that is scratched and useless. The rest were mouldy and rubbish!
Supermarket scavenge soon.

I did have to stick the rca leads in the right hole, though. I could hear music from the needle and was perplexed. Which idiot put all the plugs round the back where you can’t see anything, I don’t know!

You lot weren’t wrong about a RCM! Noisy!


Glad to hear that it all works. Always take a good look at the LP surface before buying secondhand!


It’s difficult to make accurate like for like comparisons on pricing with vintage electronics. Some things were initially very expensive & became relatively cheap with volume manufacturing, TV’s being an obvious example. But it’s a nicely made thing if not perhaps in the class of one of the Revox studio machines. I’ll bring it up gently tomorrow although I suspect that there may prove to be be some caps that need looking at.


Yeah. Was rushing and it’s all for charity.

There’s a knocking noise which I assume is the kink in the disc.

I’ll get there…


Cool, does it work?
I guess it’ll need some new belts / cogs lubing after all that time


No idea yet, I’ll try it tomorrow.


Is it 1/4" tape, Guy?


Yes, I do have some reels to try with it.


I think a field recording of Stronzettos mating call would be an excellent first outing.


Would you not a need 10" reel for that?


Possibly but having been privy to his rehearsals I’ve been forced to make some ingenious ear defense systems - Sadly I can’t offer them for sale here as I am scum


It is hard to define the word, but it is basically used to describe someone so disgraceful that they are seen as the lowest form of life. “Worthlessness”, “waste of skin”, “dirt”. “Nothing”. Far worse than most other insults, where the victim is often just referred to as genetalia.

The fact that “scum” is a non-swear, and seen as perfectly acceptable English, makes it even more demeaning and offensive. If you are condemned as a “cunt” or a “fucktard”, then you are simply being attacked with cliché profanity, used spontaneously and with no particular venom or thought. “Scum”, however, is usually only used in exclusive conditions where it is the only word for the job, and makes the victim feel like the lowest of the low.

You are scum.

Absolute scum.





Is that the new range from Haribo?


I have decided to pimp my Solo’s

The Shakti stones don’t fit on top, they slide off.