Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


With the right set of electrical tweezers you can usually push h/shell lead tags off gently enough that any terminations won’t suffer if still intact.

Mostly it is easy to find a big enough gap to slide the point in & push the tags off in a totally ‘yank free’ manner. Had some ham fisted clown pushed the tags firmly against the h/shell in your case Steve?


Most of us don’t have sufficient need to warrant buying tweezers, but you obviously need a pair to go with your magnifying glass :stuck_out_tongue:



Nice! There is an early bird catches the worm joke in that somewhere given the time of delivery, but good taste suggests I leave it alone…


It’s an old deck. When we set up a new cart this week the solder was brittle and the tags fell off.

The resulting solder effort wasn’t ideal.

New wires with fitted tags are on the way. No point trying to sort what’s on there.


Carts and arms seem to have two sizes of pin, so if the leads are too small use a small screwdriver to ease them apart a little, if they are too big, then a very small pair of pliers with very light touch.


Been replacing a dead tweeter in the HB2 speakers and cutting some foams. Looking and sounding better now.


Did you get a new Audax tweeter from Falcon?


Putting the old Oracle with Audiomods IV? back in the system. Running a Hana SL with copper shim. Shim is almost essential as the cart is so light. Shim makes massive improvement in the sound from the cart as otherwise a bit meh. Now sounds way better than it ought to given its price.


Is the shim 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%
oxygen free? I really do hope so :worried:


Found a used pair of the right tweeter on evilbay for £50. So I have a spare, Changed one over today and working fine.



Unlikley. It was in the box with the arm. Would a gold one made from an ingot sound betterer? Please feel free to send me an ingot about 3mm deep and I will try it for you and report back. :ok_hand:

Off out now for Homemade pizza in the outdoor pizza oven and copious amounts of vino. :sunglasses:


If all it’s there for is the additional weight then indeedy-doody. But what you really need is depleted uranium.



I personally would go for Mpingo wood or a shakti stone shim (try saying that after a couple of shandies) would be even more betterer. Tuff Bob is the expert on all things foo, and also he is local to you. (Feel free to use as a jingle)


If the cables have no oxygen, how does the music breeeaathe…:thinking:


Through the quantums of course :rolling_eyes:


Nice new (old) headshell for the Sony 6750.

So I can fit a decent cart and have a second option when the loan is returned.



Non-working dusty thing with not my fav valves in.


To go with this.



Nice, looks like I’ll need to head back with the Hana :slightly_smiling_face:


No comment



Actual brand new thing in my system…

Works a treat in the 1200GR’s arm and I love the colour.