Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I do like the Nag carts. I started off with the MP-200 which is currently sitting in the draw with a brand new stylus after I got a bargain price MP-500 :grin:

They have got a lot more spendy these days though.


Ive had the mp500 in the past never got on with it tbh. This however is a happy medium not too spendy and a notable improvement on the mp10 i have. I like the bass and the top end is refined enough not to annoy.

Yes for the price of an 500 these days id buy an MC.


It’s good to know that it’s a match for your 1200 as I am considering getting hold of one.


It makes sense to me running a decent MM with a disco deck. The arm (and the TT as a whole) isnt really intended for delicate MCs imo.
That said my At33ptgii works very well but I wouldnt go any further with MCs.


A bit of advice chaps.

I fancy a pair of floorstanders to play with but am a bit financially embarrassed at the moment so don’t have much spare money to play with.

I’ve heard these are very good vfm but don’t have any idea if they’re any good - do TDL RTL 2 or 3 speakers still cut the mustard ? If so, how much should I expect to pay for a good ones ?

There’s a pair on ebay for £175 BIN or make an offer plus £25 postage which seems pretty cheap but as I say I’ve no idea about them.



I would prefer these, if you have to go TDL RTL, the 3’s.


That sounds a bit much for RTL 2 (OK, the carriage is cheap, assuming they arrive intact). I remember the RTL2s as being rather shrill on a demo. I had a pair of Studio 4 (true TL) which were OK.

I’ll be shifting a pair of IPL S3 TLs soon if you are interested.


Thanks guys. I wasn’t necessarily looking at TDL in particular - I had just heard they were decent for the money.

Shallow I know but those Missions are fugly Bob :yum:

Dave could you give me some more details about the IPL S3’s as I’m not familiar with them.

I don’t drive so delivery is the only option I’m afraid.



Quite liked AE speakers, the 109 are better than the 120.

The Kefs seem cheap for what they are.

not sure about these


TDL did some good speakers. The RTL range were cheap (£250 for the 2s, £400 for the 3s), and sold well. They were good for the money, but a bit uncouth.

Looking at sold prices, £175 seems way too high, £100 closer to the mark.

I have seen their Studio range, like the Studio 1M, go cheaply. These detailed for £1k, and were much better. I’ve seen these go for little more than £100.


You could do worse than some of the Q Acoustic floorstanders. There’s a shop on ebay that seems to do them for a good price. Search for armour_outlet. And no, I have no connection to them.


The Studio 1M is not great at the top end (M = metal tweeter), much better is the earlier version Studio 1, which go for about £200 as with the 1M. The 0.5M goes for about £140. Had a few IMF and TDLs, never been impressed with any of them.



The Studio 1M had a metal cone mid-bass driver - that was the M in the designation, not the tweeter


Reading up, actually it had both, but the metal tweeter is shit.


So now the cricket (amateur/playing) season is over, it may be time to turn attention back to fiddling with the system. Two thoughts:
a) I haven’t yet gone down the route of mounting the 401’s motor on the bottom layer of the plinth rather than the one which holds the chassis. Given an air bearing arm, is it worth playing with?
b) Probably for @coco, ponderings about LCR phono stages are coming back. While having a look on Sowter’s website, I see they can do EQ inductors with taps so the two inductors in the stage could be in the one package. This would make things financially more acceptable if it would work and wouldn’t mess things up too much?


Not sure what you mean. You need four inductors (two per side) I guess the taps just allow you to fine tune. I do that anyway by tweaking gaps. (Though Dave’s inductors come tapped).

It only gets silly expensive when using silver or fancy pants resistors and caps.

Happy to chat offline in more detail if you want to.

#1665 seems to suggest that you could split out so (in the case of the one I have been messing about with in LTSpice) you put a 19.2H and a 0.47H effectively together to get 19.67H total, but with a tap taking a contact at 0.47H in if that makes sense. Their range of standard EQ inductors seem to have multiple values available.

Did we ever have a bodgers’ corner thread before the Great Burn?


It also sounds loads better :+1:


I sort of think I know what you might be getting at as the inductors are in series. Do you have a circuit? Not convinced you can treat them as a single tapped inductor. They would be coupled if they’re on the same core.