Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Ok, will probably need to get to the computer to dig the circuit out. Essentially it is a 6.2k impedance circuit, the higher first inductor is to take down the bass hump from the expected DCR of 1100ohms.


I have some sowter inductors for a 600ohm lcr if you want a play.


Cheers, but I would probably want to use fairly standard valves so a higher characteristic impedance is probably sensible.


7k30 makes the caps come out at nice values .39u and .01u. That said, you will need to measure and trim as 1% tolerance isn’t good enough.

Personally, I measure the caps when I get them, and tune L & R in SPICE to get correct values. I then play with gals on the L’s to get them spot on and get 0.1% R’s custom made by Texas.


6k2 seems to also work with standard values for caps and resistors.


Quite possibly, I’ve not tried. I’m happy with the 7k30. In my circuit (pentode input) gain is proportional to nwtwork impedance and I try to maximise it.

With 1% tolerance you may end up quite a way out if you’re not careful, unfortunately.


Ok, if it ever happens the plan would be to knock up op amp stages to mimc the predicted gain for each stages first in order to try out the EQ first.


Circuit (with an inverse RIAA function I found somewhere at the front to check response, test level set to give 5mV at 1kHz like my cartridge). The first inductor has a DCR of 1100 ohms, the second 30ohms.

Simulated response with the component values shown.


The Sony sh150 h magnesium headshell has arrived. So I have a spare.
It has a Sony cart on it.

Anyone got any ideas!?


There are quite a few styli that look like this at, all at £15 so probably a basic spherical if it is one of them

How does it sound?


SONY VL-34G ???


Only just unwrapped it. I’m not messing with the AT one that’s on for now, just in case. Especially as a load of records arrived today!
I may swap it over and have a listen soon…


I’ll take it off and have a look as I can see it should have a label! Thanks.


I dare you to “add to cart” and see how far you get

Go on go on go on.




Ah. Web site wonkiness.

On a tablet it shows as POA.

On a phone it shows as £0.00 with an “Add to cart” button.


Invitation to treat…
Basic contract law.

[its not a binding offer and can’t be enforced]


If I checked out with PayPal, would I have more chance? £17 delivered…


Lol it won’t let me check out as the value of the order is below 99p! :rofl:


add something worth £1 to the cart as well and then check out :wink: